2nd April. Build a Model Competiton

Right chaps, get your thinking caps on.We have organised a competition to build and fly an aircraft in one hour, and then to test fly to assess the best of the bunch. Depending on attendance, you will be divided into five teams to do the actual design and building.

You will be supplied with a basic kit of wood ranging from 1/16th to 3/16 balsa, some glue, cutting mat, scalpel and ballast. Jim will bring his supply of scrap cut offs, so there will be a plentiful selection of materials for all.

Let your imagination run free on anything from deltas to biplanes, triplanes, whatever takes your fancy.

Your final creation will be tested from a launch on the stage and an attempt to fly it as far as the serving counter at the far end of the hall.

Prizes will be awarded to the winning team who can achieve the longest distance flight.

Good luck to all.

Jim H.