Reservoir – act now …

The proposed Abingdon reservoir is becoming a real threat to our flying site.

GARD (Group Against Reservoir Development) have long campaigned on our behalf against this development.

It is now our turn to act, before Monday 20th February.

GARD have put together a very comprehensive and easy to follow guide on how we can help campaign to help save not only our flying site but the countryside around us.

Below is a clear summary of the method of reply (links etc) from GARD:

1.      Follow this link to reach the questionnaire:

2.      For helpful answers, please click here (this part is very, very useful, but please try to adapt the answers to make them more individual, rather than simply copying them).

4.      For the list of MPs / Councillors / the Regulators, control-click here:  LINKS

5.      Please copy your answers to as well as to your MPs/Councillors / the Regulators

Please pass this information on to others to complete the consultation to help this campaign succeed.

If you would like more information please contact the Committee at