Rule change: NBRMAS Solo Waiver

In order to bring the NBRMAS procedure of allowing members to fly solo (Rule 8) in line with other local clubs and BMFA guidance, that the ‘A’ test should be used as ‘personal goals and challenges … to aspire to’ and not about ‘permitting or licensing’, the Committee are trialling a new scheme.

This scheme will be as robust as the current need to pass an ‘A’ certificate in testing flying and safety skills, and allow the club to have more control.

The scheme follows principle of the tried and tested jet waiver process:

1. The Training Officer and one other trainer propose a member for the waiver.

2. A member of the Committee will watch a flight equivalent to the ‘A’ test with appropriate questions.

4. A ‘Solo waiver’ is issued, subject to maintaining a high standard of flying and safety if all three agree.