2nd May Club Night


Talk by David Bockett and Ian Titchell “Building and Repairing Models

Just a few words to introduce this talk, Dave and Ian are going to talk about building models. However the techniques we will cover are also the basics for repairing models. Ian and David will be looking at all aspects of building models starting from the very basic question of where to start and going on to cover the sorts of tools that you need and how to use them. This is aimed at the novice builder but will draw on our combined experiences. Although aimed at beginners there will hopefully be lots of stuff of wider appeal for more experienced builders.
Ian is going to start by addressing the basic questions like why bother building? I will outline some of the options that you can consider and the sort of tools and facilities that you might need. One of the things that we will cover is the art of reading a plan which can be off putting is you have never built before. Along the way they will touch on wood selections and glues to use, model covering and a whole host of other items. The evening will finish off with David doing a presentation on how to cut and sheet a foam wing.
Armed with this sort of knowledge you should be able to tackle building a model from various sources and also be capable of repairing a damaged model.