The NBRMAS Training scheme is only available to club members. If you have never flown before but are intrested in learning to fly, you are very welcome to come along and “give it ago”.

If you are a non-member the NBRMAS will allow two flights with an instructor as taster sessons.

The instructors time is free of charge, however if the instructor is using a N.B.R.M.A.S. model or their own model for training, there is a nominal charge of 3.00 pounds per session to cover fuel costs.

For more information please contact the training officer

    Example multichoice questions for D.M.A.R.E.S.

    Some questions have more than one correct answer

    Can you, lawfully, fly your model aircraft out of sight behind trees?

    • Yes, because the aircraft is quickly back in view.
    • No, because you must be able to see your aircraft at all times.
    • Yes, so long as you have checked behind the trees first.

    You are flying your model aircraft safely at a safe height but there are other people in the vicinity. You notice an air ambulance (or other manned aircraft) flying in your direction.
    What should you do?

    • Attempt to gain the attention of the air ambulance to warn them of your aircraft.
    • Attempt to gain the attention of the air ambulance to warn them of your aircraft.
    • Quickly fly your aircraft out of the way of the air ambulance and either wait or land safely.

    You want to fly in an empty field near to an airport. The field is outside the airport boundary fence, so is it OK to fly there?

    • You must check that the field is outside the airport’s flight restriction zone before you fly.
    • You can fly in the field because it is outside the airport’s boundary.
    • As long as you don’t fly over 400ft (120m), you are safe to fly in this field.”

    Which of these is the main reason for not flying above 400ft?

    • Because it’s impossible to control your drone or model aircraft at that distance.
    • Because it’s cooler at that height and your drone or model aircraft may fail.
    • Because the airspace above 400ft is used by other aircraft.

    You are planning to fly from the top of a 150 ft high hill. Which of the following is correct?

    • You can fly up to 400ft high from where you are standing, but you may be able to fly higher if you are operating under a current CAA exemption.
    • You can fly as high as you like from there as long as nobody else is around.
    • You can only fly up to 250ft high from where you are standing.

    You’re out flying your model aircraft in an area you know well.
    You start to get worried that you might lose sight of your model in the glare of the low winter sun.
    What should you do?

    • Land immediately as soon as your aircraft goes out of sight.
    • You can normally see your aircraft here and you know the area well, so it’s not a problem.
    • Steadily fly your aircraft back towards you until you’re sure you can see it. Then re-assess before deciding whether to carry on.

    You arrive at a site and want to get ready to fly your model aircraft.
    Which of the following must you check?

    • Whether there are any local byelaws that mean you’re not allowed to fly there.
    • That there are absolutely no other drone or model aircraft flyers around.
    • That the weather is going to be suitable for your flight.

    Which of the following points about fuel and batteries for your model aircraft are correct? 

    • You should make sure your controller has enough battery power before flying.
    • Some types of battery do not last as long in cold weather and this may reduce the amount of time you can fly.
    • You should always make sure you have enough fuel or battery power to last through your planned flight.