Events & Club Nights

All club nights are cancelled due to Covid-19

ThursdayFeb 6thClub Auction
ThursdayMar 5thBring a model, and launch of club competitions
ThursdayApril 2ndCancelled
ThursdayMay 7thCancelled
ThursdayJune 4thFlying Field
ThursdayJuly 2ndFlying Field
ThursdayAug 6thFlying Field
ThursdaySep 3rd
ThursdayOct 1st
ThursdayNov 5thQuiz Night
ThursdayDec 3rdAGM
Weekend Events
Sunday29th MarchFly and BBQ
Sunday7th JunePylon Racing
Sunday12th JulyScale Day
Sunday6th SeptemberClub Day

If you or your club would like to attend one of the NBRMAS club nights, please fill in the form below.

    Next years Events, Subject to change

    ThursdayFeb 4thClub Auction
    ThursdayMar 4th
    ThursdayApril 1nd
    ThursdayMay 6th
    ThursdayJune 3thFlying Field
    ThursdayJuly 1ndFlying Field
    ThursdayAug 5thFlying Field
    ThursdaySep 2rd
    ThursdayOct 7st
    ThursdayNov 4thQuiz Night
    ThursdayDec 2rdAGM
    Weekend Events