Good advice from the BMFA:

At BMFA HQ we feel like young children waiting for Christmas morning to arrive… how many more days, minutes, hours and seconds until we’re allowed out to play once again?

Why not spend these next few days getting some practice in on the simulator?

Also, check over your models, radio equipment and field kit?

It’s a great way to make sure your skills and models are in tip-top condition, meaning you can relax and savour those first couple of flights.

Obviously, the checks needed depend on your model type and discipline, but to get you started we’ve listed a few of the basics below:

Is your airframe in good condition?

Are your control surfaces / linkages firmly attached and moving freely?

Have you prepared a model that you’re very comfortable with for those first few flights?

Are your registration and competency up to date?

Have you renewed your club membership?

Have you checked your radio and batteries?

As the saying goes, a safe and successful flight doesn’t happen by accident!