Membership renewals

Thank you to everyone who has filled out the renewal form with your up to date details where necessary.

If you haven’t received confirmation of your membership, it might be because of one of these reasons:

  1. We haven’t received your membership form.
  2. Your payment hasn’t been received.
  3. If you pay your BMFA fees through another club, they might not have processed it yet.
  4. If you directly pay your BMFA fees and haven’t done so yet.
  5. It’s in the post.

Due to the BMFA increasing their membership an extra £2.00 more than we where informed (This was out of their hands as it was increased by members at their AGM). We will be asking for an extra £2.00 from members who pay the BMFA through us. If you haven’t already paid this additional cost, it wont effect your club membership. but you will need to pay it before the end of the club year.

Each committee member has access to a list containing current member information, including emergency contact details and car registrations. If you’re uncertain about someone’s membership status, a committee member can verify it for you.

Upon receiving your confirmation, you’ll find a detachable card serving as proof of your membership. I highly recommend carrying this card when you’re at the flying field as it includes your emergency contact information. While unlikely, in case of a medical incident, having this card ensures other members know who to contact.

Due to the Christmas break, the processing membership confirmation forms may be delayed for a few days, the committee members will have up to date information.