Update to Club Handbook and Rules

With the new flying season under way it is a good time for us all to remind ourselves of the club site rules, pages 9-12 of the Handbook. The latest version can be found here:

Club Handbook version 7.1 April 2021

The Club Handbook has been revised, bringing it up-to-date with the new Article 16 Authorisation, together with some changes that members must take note of.  All changes have been ‘highlighted’ with a vertical line in the right hand margin and members should refresh their understanding of the site rules.

To summarise:

1. To clear up some confusion on the white lines:  pilots stand on the ‘Pilots’ Line’ (previously the ‘Flight Line’) and all flying takes place beyond the ’12 Metre Safety Line’.

2. Rule 11 now reads, ‘Neither members nor visitors are permitted to fly any model that weighs 7.5 kilograms or over, maximum take-off mass (including batteries and fuel), unless that person holds a relevant BMFA ‘B’ certificate.  For members without a ‘B’ certificate a waiver may be granted via the Committee’.

3. Rule 13 now reads, ‘After landing, models may be taxied up to the 12 metre safety line, where motors must be stopped and then models retrieved.  Models must not be taxied back over the 12 metre safety line’.

Two other important rules to note:

1. All members are required to sign in and out using the track and trace booklet in the portacabin.  This is one part of the BMFA’s guidance in ensuring clubs are COVID secure.

2. There have been reports of members flying over the Western Boundary Hedge, between us and the full size site. This is a no fly zone and no model must be flown over this hedge at any time.  Disregarding this rule can be seen as a serious breach of the club rules and dealt with under rule 9 of the Constitution.

If you have any questions please email the Committee (nbrmasociety@gmail.com)

Safe Flying

The Committee