2020 Competitions & Events

Hello all,

Three weeks in to lockdown and we are now faced with a further minimum extension of another three weeks. This news and the reading of Manny’s blog from the national centre has inspired me to write to you all.

Firtsly, please be aware that that I and your comitee are very much in touch with the latest developments of this coronavirus pandemic. At this time we are all well and cannot wait to get out flying again, as soon as it is possible, we will make it happen. Social ditancing will be with us for some time to come, so there may be some extra rules to comply with, but we will find a way if we can. Obviously non essential travel needs to be permitted by our government before model flying can be re-allowed.

Secondly, I’v had an enquiry about scale day. Obviously theres no straight answer as to whether or not any events will be able to take place this year, and even if they are allowed whether any one will want to attend. However, what I can say is that I remain hopeful that we can run some events later in the year, I will prioritise scale day and club day. At this time planning is taking place for the running of the BMFA natoinals, so if there is hope for that then I think there can be hope for us. Scale day may have to be postponed a month or so, but thats better than it getting cancelled, watch this space and keep fingers crossed.

Finally, I would like to see your photo’s of aeromodelling endevours during this lockdown period. I will collate them and post them up here for all your club mates to see. I hope this will fill some time and provide some motivation for the rest of this period. To do this, go to the comitee page and send me an enquiry on the contacts form at the bottom of the page. I will reply with my email address for the sending of these pictures.

These pictures I’v stolen from my phone gallery to get us started, we have:

  • A very nicely engineered wheel from your Jim.
  • My Dago mustang F3D trainer
  • Jim’s Fokker DR-1, paint was drying in this pic, maybe some more for next week?
  • My latest YS110 in a Seagull PC-9 project
  • James’s Funfly nearly finished
  • My Funfly hots ready to go.

Well, that’s it for now, I look forward to receiving some photo’s. Stay safe all and keep building.