Lockdown Project Photos

Hello again North berks model club, here we are on week 6 of lockdown. Will it be the last week? Will there be many more? Those in the know have not told us yet, so all we can do is wait. But of course we prepare our flying machines for when it is safe for us to use them.

I’ve had a decent response to my request for photo’s, many thanks all. Hopefully some more people can join in once they’ve seen these. I really do hope you are all well, if anyone is struggling in anyway, please contact the committee and we will pull together as a club should and help you out.

Well, I’m learning as I go here, but to start us off we have this Beautiful BVM Sabre. Dating to about 2007 this 63 inch kit is fairly old school and requires scale detailing to the builders taste. Ian has spent time adding panel lines and gun holes, as well as glassing wings and tail, and taking advantage of the warm weather to get the fuselage paint finish applied. 

Next up we have a Fantastic Keil Kraft invader, this project was started way before this pandemic began between Peter and his grandson. Unfortunately the pandemic has kept Peters grandson away, but the model has been finished in his absence. I have no doubt he will enjoy many hours chasing this round a field. To me this is simply superb, exactly what modelling is all about.

Here is a photo from our chairman. A traditionally built small scale edf Hawker hunter from a Tony Nijuis plan. Should be interesting. In the background you can just make out his spitfire, which is nearly ready to take on another sortie.

My last news post featured a picture I stole of Jims Fokker DR-1. Well he’s been good enough to send me some pictures, so here they are. Superb craftmanship going into this model.

In a similar vane, I showed a pic of James’ Fusion fun fly model, well here it is again, this time finished. Superb fun fly competition model this, winning many national fun fly titles for years now, its the fun fly to have. Also a shot of a drone, apparently good entertainment during lockdown!

This is Rays new depron F-18. It is remarkable what can be made to fly from foam. Possibly one of the neatest foam models I’v seen.

Finally is a sneak peek of my next modelling en-devour. Had to be done at some time, and now seems as good as any. Stay safe all.