Chairmans Blog

Covid 19

This is a short note to wish you and your families well at this time of great uncertainty.

It is the greatest time of uncertainty and worry for most families in the UK since the second world war.

We do not know when and how the unlocking of the self isolation and gradual return to some form of normality will be phased in by the government.

The society reacted quickly when the lockdown was put in place and cancelled all club activities.

The society’s assets have been checked periodically for safety breaches and all is well as I write.

Unfortunately model flying does not count as exercise under the current rules and as far as the police are concerned is a gathering and they will politely ask you to go home.

If you are shielding because of age and or underlying health conditions please give a fellow member a call so that there is someone who knows that you are well during this time. Also if you need any help please give a committee member a call and we will try and get help for you.

Finally please follow the social distancing guidelines as issued by the government for your own and  families safety.

Keep safe, Neville Mattingley

NBRMAS Chairman