Chairmans Blog

Covid 19 Update 12-5-2020

Hi to you all

I would like to ask you all to read and fully understand the BMFA Return to the skies email that was circulated on Monday 11-5-2020. Your committee has discussed the situation and asks that you follow the guidance given.

We would ask you all to abide by their guidance for the foreseeable future on social distancing and hand washing / sanitizing. Included below is the BMFA justification for allowing the resumption of model flying on an individual basis only, not as a social group.

The field has had a major cut today, however, it is still a work in progress. There is currently too much loose wet grass cuttings to be able to mark out the white lines, we hope to have them back in a week. SO, if you decide to fly, fly with safety in mind.

SO the message is clear, use gloves/ sanitizer and maintain 2 metres or more social distance at all times. The toilet block is out of bounds to all members. Think COVID 19 ALERT at all times.

I hope you stay well during this pandemic. Things are evolving all the time so please watch out for further updates as they become necessary

Very best Regards

Neville Mattingley

Chairman NBRMAS