Club Night and a return to the skies

On Thursday 4th March we held a successful online Club Night.

Topics for discussion ranged from trying to demystify the complexities of electric motor classification (what exactly does 2822/27 1200KV mean and how does it relate to the actual power of a motor?), where can we buy Depron, a successful attempt in the 1980s to use a 35mm camera strapped to the wing of a model to find one lost in a corn field, news from the patch: it’s no longer water logged and in great condition thanks to the continued work of our dedicated team who tend to it, to the all-important question – when can we fly again? …

Our ‘return to the skies’ will most likely be Monday 29th March.  We will confirm this as soon as possible, but the BMFA have published their latest guidance which can be found by following this link.