Patch News …

A few important things to update member members on:

There is a new tab on the club’s website, ‘The Patch’.  This will give details of when the patch will be mown each week and therefore when flying must be paused.

Please check this to help plan your flying times.  We will try to avoid busy flying times, but planning mowing times will be dictated by the weather.

If you happen to be at the patch, please move your gear onto the long grass to help those mowing the patch.  On a good day it should take about one hour to cut the patch and pits.

Talking to the full size pilots next door, who have been involved with the noise and RAF ‘confliction with a model aircraft’ discussions, it seems that our policy of maintaining a noise level of under 88dB and following the 400ft Article 16 rule is working.  Thank you for your continued observation of these two rules.

I have received the sad news from Nev M, that Deryck Crossley’s Alzheimer’s has got the better of him and he has been moved to a care home.  Deryck is a long standing and highly respected member of NBRMAS.  If you would like any further information, please contact Nev.

A very few, select members will be driving to the patch to help load / unload their equipment, ideally using the mown paths to drive, stopping near the wind sock and parking back at the car park.  This will assist their needs and limit use of the field that we do not rent.

Two messages of congratulations…

To Costa for passing his ‘Solo Waiver’, flying a very controlled A certificate routine, competing with quite a crosswind and having to interrupt his test, clearing the airspace for full size activity …

… and to Duncan for passing his ‘A’ test, having passed his ‘Solo Waiver’ and now successfully achieving this personal goal and challenge.

Finally, I hope your preparations for Scale Day on Sunday 3rd September are progressing well.