Turbine rule changes and new white line

A new white line has appeared on the patch to mark 30 metres from the north / south Pilots’ Line to aid gas turbine fliers.

The following two new rule changes apply to the operation of Gas Turbine Models concerning the use of ‘helpers’ and flying distance to keep in line with current best practice. All jet flying may take place 30 metres out from the Pilots’ Line (including take-off and landing), closer than the previous 50 metre rule for larger models:

A.5      Any member of our club with an A or B certificate, that the Jet pilot trusts, can spot and help with the flight. It is the responsibility of the Jet Pilot to instruct the Spotter / Helper in their duty and any fire extinguisher work that may be required.

K.1      All Gas turbine models must be flown at least 30 metres out from the Pilots’ line for the duration of the flight including Take-off and Landing.