Chairman’s Review 2020

2020 has certainly been a year to remember, but we have managed, between lockdowns, to get a decent amount of flying, building and in some cases repairing done or just tidying the workshop.  There have been plenty of highs, several successful ‘A’ test passes, lots of successful maidens, IMAC success from Simon Lorenz and Graham Reid and a few lows, mostly due to ‘dumb thumbs’, and some members joining the ‘Christmas Tree’ club.

There are many club members to thank in all sorts of ways, but only the space here to highlight a few. Apologies to those not mentioned by name.

Thank you to Nev Mattingley who has chaired the club successfully for several years, stepping down as Chairman in September: I’m sure we’ll see Nev flying his EDFs and jets at the patch in the New Year.  Secondly, thank you to John Mattingley for organising very successful club events and hosting national pylon events at Langmead.

The Safety Officer’s role is often not an easy one and Mike Butcher has continued his sterling work, keeping us in line (especially beyond the 12 metre line!), keeping abreast with the changing news from the BMFA and quietly reminding us of the rules.

Throughout the year, a team of ‘groundsmen’ have made sure the patch is in the best possible condition for the rest of us to turn up and fly.  If you happen to appear on a Tuesday morning you’ll find the team mowing, white lining, rolling, tidying and maintaining all the equipment to make sure the patch is ready for us. Special thanks to Pete Anderson, Dave Clark, Duncan Stoner, Ray Stuart, Tim Woolley for all their invaluable work, and to Dave Neville for strimming around the car park.

The flying season has been relatively brief, so several club trophies cannot be awarded this year. However, the Committee would like to award two trophies.

The Chairman’s Trophy is awarded to Dave Clark. Dave has been a key member of the ‘groundsmen’ for 20 years now and this trophy is awarded in recognition of his tirelessly tending to the patch.

The Clubman’s Trophy is jointly awarded to Keith Fowler and Dave Vaughan for their work with the training scheme, encouraging new members, and preparing a new fleet of training planes, both IC and electric.

Given the restrictions due to Covid-19, it was not possible to hold our club AGM this year.  As a consequence, club members were asked to vote on the proposal that the current Committee remain in place until the next AGM, December 2021.  This proposal was carried 57 votes to 1.

Whatever 2021 has to offer, rest assured the patch will be ready and the Committee working for NBRMAS and its members.

All the best for 2021, keep safe and happy flying.

James Penman and The Committee