Tier 4 flying

The following is the BMFA’s advice on flying in Tier 4:

‘In the new Tier 4 the instruction is that you must stay at home, apart from a limited number of exceptions. One of those exceptions is “to visit a public outdoor place for the purposes of open air recreation” and the definition of a public outdoor place includes “outdoor sports grounds or sports facilities” and therefore it is possible for model flying clubs to remain open and for model aircraft flying to take place within the regulations.

However, the regulations restrict an outdoor gathering at outdoor sports grounds or sports facilities to a maximum of two people in Tier 4 areas.’

The government headline advice for Tier 4 is ‘Stay at Home’, but given the BMFA advice the patch remains open, but importantly, members must follow government guidelines along with all BMFA guidance.  Continue with track and trace and social distancing at the patch.  Stay safe.